Keep Your Appliances Running Like New

Good Tips If you’re like most people, at the first sign of an appliance break-down you run out and replace it. Now you don’t have to. With a few preventative measures you can keep your appliances healthy and running as well as they did when you first bought them. Refrigerator/Freezer Use your vacuum cleaner and […]

Tree Maintenance Can Increase Your Property Value

Tree Maintenance Can Increase Your Property Value Pruning is preventative maintenance, and helps to produce healthy, strong and attractive trees. This is achieved by following a few simple principles. Begin by understanding how, when, and why pruning is necessary. Why Prune For safety of life and property (remove hazards). For the health of the tree. […]

The Appraisal Process

The Appraisal Process What is it all about? When you sell your home, the lender requires a licensed appraiser to estimate the market value of your house. After the mortgage company receives a contract for the sale of your house, they will order the appraisal. An appraisal is a professional opinion of the current value […]

Let the Agent Do Their Job

Let the Agent Do Their Job After all, you Contracted with them for a Reason. Your real estate agent will be paid upon the sale of your home when it closes escrow. These individuals have been trained to work with prospective buyers and other agents so they are highly qualified to act on your behalf. […]

Choosing Your Agent

Minimize your Hassle So you’ve decided to minimize the hassle of selling your home on your own. The next thing to consider is who you will hire to do the job and what you should expect from this person. Finding the right real estate agent is not as easy as opening up the phone book […]

Fast Facts for Sellers

Did you know, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) The MLS is a database of properties listed for sale by Realtors® who are members of the local Board of Realtors®. Realtor® A Realtor® is a licensed real estate agent and a member of the National Association of Realtors®, a real estate trade association. Realtors® also belong to […]

Spruce Up Your Home to Sell

Cleaning services that have experience working with real estate agents and homeowners will always save you time getting your home ready for sale. The cleaning service will help by doing a detailed clean before the open house, help to de-clutter, do cleaning weekly or bi-weekly until the home is sold, and also clean after you […]

What Happens After You Sign

What Happens After You Sign Details, Details… Hold on…it’s not a done deal yet! After the signing, escrow prepares the loan package for your lender and express delivers that package to them for final review. This can take 24 to 48 hours at the lenders and depends on the lender’s requirements. Once the lender has […]

What Are Closing Costs

What Are Closing Costs Closing costs are often confusing. Below is a list of costs and explanations for each. When you apply for your loan, you will receive a Good Faith Estimate of these charges. Appraisal Fee: A one-time fee to pay an independent fee appraiser. Credit Report Fee: A one-time fee covering the cost […]

Getting Organized

Getting Organized, what it takes…         It is easier than you might think!   2 Years Employment Information 2 Years Residence History  Banks and/or Depository names, addresses, and account numbers  3 months of most recent bank statements (all pages) Open Installment/Revolving Accounts; names, account numbers, balances, and required monthly payments  Social Security […]

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