Moving Pets

Moving Your Pets Pets are Family, not Luggage… Your pets need special care and handling to get to their new home. Here are a few tips on moving them.       Fish It is not practical to move fish in their aquarium. A gallon of water weighs eight pounds. Plan on giving the fish […]

Preliminary Report

The Preliminary Title Report indicates the type of title insurance offered by the title company. It indicates the exclusions and exceptions from coverage under which the policy will be issued. This report is issued prior to a final policy of insurance and is necessary to insure that a policy can be offered.   THE REPORT […]

Avoid 7 Deadly Mistakes of Selling Your Home

Remember not too long ago when you could buy a home one day, sell it in a month and make a tidy profit? The one constant in life is still change, and real estate continually changes as well. One of the things that I think we’ll always be able to count on when selling a […]

Scottsdale Foreclosures Down Substantially

Foreclosures for sale in Troon are becoming pretty rare. The rates of foreclosure in Troon North, Scottsdale and across the Valley have plummeted in the last year as the market’s recovery gains speed. According to data from CoreLogic, the Phoenix foreclosure rate is down a dramatic 62 percent, leaving just over 1 percent of mortgages Valleywide […]

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