Avoid 7 Deadly Mistakes of Selling Your Home

Remember not too long ago when you could buy a home one day, sell it in a month and make a tidy profit? The one constant in life is still change, and real estate continually changes as well. One of the things that I think we’ll always be able to count on when selling a home in the South Phoenix and Laveen area are the 7 mistakes to avoid when selling your home:

  1. Not knowing why you are selling
  2. Not preparing your home for sale, and imagining the home through the eye of the buyer.
  3.  Not pricing the home correctly.
  4.  Not properly interviewing your agent to find out how they market and how well they communicate with you.
  5. Trying to hard sell buyers as they are walking through the home.
  6. Not making the home easy to view.
  7. Not preparing for the purchase of your next home, or preparing for the move.

Avoiding these seven mistakes can make your home sale a much more enjoyable experience and help you avoid leaving money on the table.

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