Let the Agent Do Their Job

Let the Agent Do Their Job

After all, you Contracted with them for a Reason.

Your real estate agent will be paid upon the sale of your home when it closes escrow. These individuals have been trained to work with prospective buyers and other agents so they are highly qualified to act on your behalf. You should never talk price, terms, or other dealing with buyers or their agents; this is why you have a real estate agent.

Let Your Agent Do the Talking.

When it comes time to show your home, leave it up to you agent. Potential buyers will not voice their objections about your home with you there and your presence will likely make them feel uncomfortable. It is also difficult for prospective buyers to imagine living in the home when the current residents are present during the preview.

Three’s a Crowd.

If you are around when your agent is showing your house, stay out of their way and be quiet. These viewers are not at your home to pay a social call so refrain from being chatty. You will inevitably notice that your agent has forgotten to show the potential buyers something that you may think they would find attractive. Point it out to them after the viewers leave—let your agent do his/her job without your intrusions.

Refrain From Chatting During the Showing.

Remember you are paying your agent for a reason. These individuals are trained and competent when it comes to selling homes, trust them to do the work for you. Your job during this process is to relay to them what you expect, keep out of their way, and relax while they do the work!

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