Preliminary Report


The Preliminary Title Report indicates the type of title insurance offered by the title company. It indicates the exclusions and exceptions from coverage under which the policy will be issued. This report is issued prior to a final policy of insurance and is necessary to insure that a policy can be offered.



Ownership Vesting. The name(s) on the report should be the same as those for the seller on the signed purchase contract. Only the true owner of record can sell the subject property in the contract for sale.

Exceptions. Bonds, Deeds of Trust, property taxes, Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&R’s), all recorded documents and easements of record are carefully reviewed. Top notch escrow officers and title companies go out of their way to resolve problems quickly and accurately.

Informational Notes. This is the area of the report that important facts about the property are discovered. In some cases, these notes contain information that could affect the title to the subject property.

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