Spruce Up Your Home to Sell

Cleaning services that have experience working with real estate agents and homeowners will always save you time getting your home ready for sale. The cleaning service will help by doing a detailed clean before the open house, help to de-clutter, do cleaning weekly or bi-weekly until the home is sold, and also clean after you move out.

Just decide which services you need and arrange for only those items. Plan to pay about $28 or more per hour for a service who is insured and bonded.

Remember, you don’t’ get a second chance to make a great first impression.


General Cleaning Tips:

  • Clean and de-clutter cabinets under sinks, closets, and linen cabinets.
  • Dust all furniture. (Use cloth misted with a solution of 1/2 cup vinegar to one quart water in a spray bottle.)
  • Dust all lamps and knick-knacks with the damp cloth. Everything will really shine and you will be extracting the dirt instead of just moving it around.
  • Wash and buff dry all woodwork, baseboards, doors, cabinets, banisters, ceiling fans—don’t forget the blinds!
  • Bathrooms are very important! Don’t forget to wash the light fixture including the light bulbs. You will be amazed at the difference. Clean the grout, the water pipe leading from the wall to the toilet and all the towel bars, brackets, etc.
  • Wash hard-surface floors after vacuuming. Washing on your hands and knees allows you to see the job up close. Vacuum all carpets—even in the closets.
  • De-clutter other rooms by boxing up off-season clothing and storing in the garage or off-site.
  • De-clutter other rooms by packing up extra knick-knacks. Less is better.
  • Purchase new hand towels for kitchen and bathrooms.
  • What about the furniture? Is there too much furniture in the house? Give it away, throw it away, store it away. Rent or borrow a few pieces or a whole grouping.
  • Rearrange furniture so that the room will appear larger.
  • Try to have only one item and a lamp on an end table. Too many items sitting around may distract the buyer’s attention.
  • Wash all light fixtures and bulbs. It takes away the dark and dingy look.
  • Clean windows will always make a room look brighter.
  • Launder any throw rugs that might be dirty or put them in a plastic bag and store them in the garage until the house sells.
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